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Journal5 is a cloud based trading journal which provides comprehensive analysis on your trading behavior and trading systems. The goal of Journal5 is to provide a fully customized platform to let traders/investors record any factors they used in trading decision making, and data mining those factor's impact on the trading result.

All traders/investors have their own trading edge as well as weakness due to the variety of human being personalities, trader's trading goals, account size, trading vehicles, trading cycles etc. In your journal to financial freedom, it is Journal5's great pleasure to help by identifying those trading behaviors, technical indicators which works best for you, so that you can be more profitable by adopting them more often and avoid those bad trading behavoirs and factors.

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  • Easy to Use
      With hundreds of built-in TA/FA indicators and pre-defined input forms, log your trading record couldn't be more easier with Journal5, while you can still log anything you want to track!
  • Powerful Platform
    • Easily Manage your Setups , Create/Update setups are just few clicks away.
    • Fully customized UI allows you manage any indicators or tags you want to track.
    • Support most of the trading products: Stocks, Options, Futures and Currencies
  • Comprehensive Analysis
      Journal5 analyzes your trading behavior and dig out the factors which brought you the biggest profit as well as find out those have caused you big losses.

Journal5 is free for registration and complete free for less active traders/investors. Try it today and see how it can improve your trading result dramatically!

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