About Journal5 - How to improve your trading skills


Thank you for visiting Journal5.com, an online trading journal site which provides comprehensive trading log analysis to help traders get a deep understanding about their trading behavior and the impact on their trading result.  The site provides advanced reports to evaluate trader's decision supporting system, either they are single indicator or a group of carefully selected indicators (setups or strategies). Journal5 provides data analysis and reporting for below trading indicators or decision making factors:

  • Analyze you trading performance for classic Technical Analysis (TA) indicators and Fundamental Analysis(FA) indicators
  • Performance for your self-defined indicators as well as Setups (a group of combined indicators)
  • Performance based on trading symbol categories, sectors, trading directions, holding length, price range etc
  • Trading performance for trading factors like trading size, planning time, exit criteria, emotions etc.
  • Evaluate trading exit timing, analyze position price changes before and after position closing. Find those indicators which give you the best exit timing.

Click here for a detailed report list we are providing.

Journal5.com was founded  by a few experienced traders/investors from Amazon.com and Microsoft. We have been doing trading behavior analysis for years to improve our trading skills based on real individual trading experience. We are now making this analysis reporting to public and wish our advanced data analysis and data mining technology can help you get a better understanding about your trading and yourself, and eventually you can be more profitable and make less mistakes.

We are striving to make Journal5 works best for each trader. As of today, we are providing 30 reports from dozens of dimensions by evaluating your trading logs. More reports are coming in the near future - if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

In your journal to financial freedom, we believe Journal5 can provide some real help.